Please read the following details carefully before registration:

  1. Trial class will be charge as regular price of each course:$15/1 hr, $ 21/1.5 hrs; however if you finally register the course you tried, the trial class fee can be deducted from the tuition, which means the trial class will be free.  Expect the sibling has enrolled before, then the trial class will be free directly. Parents allow to observe the trial class. Please contact us by phone,email or visit our school in person for making an appointment. 
  2. For new students please follow the process of admission and pay the tuition accommodatingly  under the assistance of our staff. 
  3. New students are required to pay a registration fee of $10/per family.
  4. Each semester includes three months (usually 12 sessions,depends on public holiday). Every year has four semesters. 
  5. Tuition required to be paid in the beginning of each semester  in the form of cheque or cash.
  6. Parents must obtain permission before observing any class.(except trial class)
  7. Parents must wait out of the classroom at lease 5 minutes before the class end for picking up the student. If any reason you will be late to pick up the student, please must notice school and teacher by phone.
  8. Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. If you cannot attend your class, please notify the school by phone or email before your class. Missed classes should be made up during the same term (2 times only). Any missed class in the end of term can be made in the beginning of next term. Any student who missed class and failed to notify school,  will be deemed absent automatically. (Exception: if you are out of country for more than 3 weeks, tuition can be postponed.)
  9. Students are required to dress up appropriately with school rules in class.
  10. There will be performance practice classes twice per year. Failure to attend will be deemed as absent for that class.
  11. We are closed during public holidays or severe weather conditions or in accordance with school board schedules.