Dance Class

From beginner to advanced. We teach transitional dance, classical dance、folk dance and Ballet. Any students from age 3.5 are eligible to enroll.

Art Class

From beginner to advanced. We teach basic knowledge and skills of drawing and painting, to improve children's ability in visually observing and capturing, develop children's artistic potential, and let children thoroughly express their artistic creativity and imagination.


From junior to senior levels. We teach skills of the tempo, rhythm, sound, breathe, enunciation and song instruction.


Starlet Little MC Class


This program will focus of building self-esteem in preparation for presentation,auditions and stage performances. Our goal is to prepare students to audition with complete confidence for all theater and school public speaking opportunities. All students will get professional voice training lessons and drama and acting classes.

Summer Camp

Includes dance class、singing class、art class、language class 、drama class、piano class etc.


Piano Class